FG, China Power Deal Focus On Coal


An agreement Nigeria signed last year with China could see more exploration on coal and nuclear energy.

In talks with a visiting delegation from Power China, power minister Chinedu Nebo said government had not foreclosed on nuclear energy option but that he wanted the Chinese to explore “coal as a significant part of the whole energy to be delivered.”

He assured that the memorandum signed in July 2013 would be implemented, considering pressure to realise 20,000 megawatts of power and 10,000 kilometres of transmission lines.

But the project would be broken in bits, the minister said.

“Such incremental strategy will gradually but steadily ensure that other ancillary services like the transmission lines are built alongside the projects so as to ensure adequate provision for wheeling,” Nebo said, according to an official statement from the power ministry.

Leader of the Chinese delegation, Du Chun Guo, vice chairman for management development at Power China, insisted his consortium was committed to “creating and deepening the Nigerian electricity market.”

He called it “important to the future development of the consortium.”

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