Ageing Infrastructure Reduces Nigeria’s Power Capacity By 50% – Dr. J. Gaines


The Coordinator, Nigerian-German Energy Partnership, Dr. Jeremy Gaines, said Nigeria loses about 50 percent of its generation transmission and distribution.

He attributed such loses to ageing infrastructure which he said had crippled the growth and development of the power sector.

According to him, “The Power industry has suffered from lack of investment in the power sector and massive losses from generation output. No sector in the world can operate with a loss rate of nearly 50 percent. Were these losses only to be halved, there would be substantially more revenue for the sector (Gencos, Discos), which could translate into investments and less pressure on government to subsidise the inefficiencies.”

“Second, many existing gas-fired and hydro power plants are in part very old and therefore nearing the end of their service lives. And finally, there are massive system losses.”

On tackling the chanlleged, he said the federal government could endorse finance to tackling the transmission losses and monitor implementation by Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, closely.

“Likewise, it could introduce meaningful fast sanctions to thwart the theft of electricity and punish defaults on payment of electricity bills, these realities everyone knows, but no one acts to stop them.


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