Reduce Electric Bills for Decades with Renewable Energy


The researchers from the Research and Development Unit, Nigeria Re and the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, agreed that the erratic supply of power by Power Holding Company of Nigeria has not only forced the urban dwellers that are presumed to have more access to the electricity than their rural counterpart to the similar fate of the rural dwellers. It would keep the current buyback arrangement for surplus energy but add a modest fixed monthly fee for solar customers for the next 10 years (about $10 a month for the average rooftop system), which would increase for new solar customers as the industry expanded and pushed down installation costs. Unlike in the grid system in which electricity bill is by fiat, the solar power system will be anchored on ‘Pay-as-You-Go prepaid technology.

The decision of BoI to fund renewable energy project, environment experts say, is in line with the policy direction of the present administration. After those aspects of home electricity consumption are addressed, the next best thing you can do to reduce your electricity bill is by investing in renewable energy, which can put money back in your pocket, month after month, for the next couple of decades (at least). “I’d like to thank the Commission for taking the time today to hear directly from San Diego County residents about the importance of the existing net metering program”. Recognition of the need to reduce reliance on coal and fossil fuels is driving interest in solar energy. The worldwide demand for energy is steadily increasing. Now, regulators create policies in many states to encourage customers to lower their use of power during peak hours, shifting it instead to the evening. The third option, which is not available in all areas, is participating in a community solar project, or solar garden, which allows residents to purchase as few as a single solar panel to as many as it would take to offset a significant portion of their electricity use. The science agrees – climate change is a reality. They would see “For Sale” signs on housing developments where all the houses had solar panels on them. They will plug the vehicles into parking meters on a street or at work, and recharge the electric vehicle at home from a bank of batteries located beside the home. Develop large-scale “solar manufacturing hubs” in India to facilitate mass production of PV, CSP and CPV equipment. Toward that goal, India has revised its target to reach 100 GW of solar capacity by 2022 and recently announced that 40% of its total energy mix would come from alternative sources by 2030. The energy generated from solar panels is enough to power multiple homes/buildings. This many companies participating in the market mean there is enormous, ongoing investment in new technologies. Solar energy provides energy for lighting and power, for data centers, for electric vehicles, for transportation, and to desalinate water, making much more of the earth’s land mass usable. For more information, go online to, look up Going Solar on Facebook, or attend one of the upcoming workshops, at 7 each case: Nov. 5 at Steele Memorial Library in Elmira, Nov. 12 at Erin Town Hall, Nov. 18 at Congregation Kol Ami in Elmira, or later workshops to be scheduled after the new year. The owners of solar power equipment would receive fair market value for their excess power rather than artificially inflated prices. Massachusetts’ booming solar industry now supports more than 12,000 jobs. They would see the industry’s leading installers partnering with financial giants to self-finance projects so customers could have one place to get a project done from its beginning to its end and beyond.


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