Abuja DISCO Targets 100,000 Meters in the First Quarter of 2016


The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company ( AEDC) said on Tuesday that it was preparing for meter procurement so that it can commence the roll out of 100,000 meters by first quarter of next year.

The Managing Director, Neil Croucher told journalists at the formal launching of the third party per-paid sale (super vending) in Abuja that the firm had plan to roll out 100,000 meters annually while it would  soon deploy smart meters to customers in some locations in a pilot scheme.

He said, “We already have a pilot project underway to look at smart meters because in certain location  there will be smart meters and it will also be part of our strategy to get meters to customers . So that roll out now will be commencing with the commission we are doing today.”

Croucher said that meters were key to the transformation of electricity in Nigeria, adding that only half of the AEDC customers currently had metered.

He said every customer had the right to be accurately metered for the electricity consumed but it was unpractical to roll out meters until adequate billing systems and vending systems are put in place.

Having commissioned vending systems, Croucher said “the next stage is to roll out vending to make sure that our customers have much easier access to purchase electricity.”


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