Largest Gas Power Station in Sub-Saharan Africa Gets Under Way in Ghana


The plant, to be built near the town of Beyin in southern Ghana, will generate 300GW, or about 15% of the country’s present installed capacity, when complete.

The first phase, with a capacity of 140MW, will come online in August next year.

The project is to be developed by Ghanaian private company WUTA Energy and Cummins Cogeneration (CCL), a joint venture between US engineer Cummins and British renewables specialist Gentec Energy. The venture was set up in 2009 and has already built a number of smaller gas burning plants in Nigeria and Kenya.

The plant will generate additional energy from what its own waste heat.

Deepak Khilnani, the chairman of CCL, commented: “Since the discovery of Ghana’s natural gas reserves, it has been expected that gas would play a prominent role in the country’s energy sector. As a leading organisation in this industry, CCL is thrilled to be taking steps towards meeting Ghana’s energy needs.”

David Brigidi, the chief executive of WUTA Energy, said the project would offer a “major improvement to the Ghanaian energy sector and accord Ghanaians employment and training in various aspect of the power generation business”.

He added: “The Beyin Power Plant Project will not only increase the total energy base the country requires, but it will also jump-start economic activities especially in the catchment communities which will enhance the living standard of the people.”


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