Ikeja Electric Payment Platforms Become Epileptic


If you are an upwardly mobile customer of Ikeja Electric Distribution Company which recently rebranded as simply Ikeja Electric, you may be out of luck if you try to reach the power distributor by any modern means of communication.
Customers have complained bitterly that in this day and age, Ikeja Electric does not run a call centre, where customers can call directly for complaints and enquiries. When you call 07045770504 which is the number listed as the contact number of the company, an automated female voice tells you that the “number you are calling is inactive” Try to send a text message to info@ikejaedc.com listed as the contact email, and you will receive a message from the dreaded MAILER-DAEMON, telling you that “sorry we were unable to deliver your message to the following address…”
The website of Ikeja Electric is another headache for customers who try to interface with the company electronically. Ikejaelectric.com crashes incessantly and can sometimes be offline for a long period. You may be a little bit lucky sometimes if you browse the website with a mobile phone instead of a computer. You are more likely to reach the website on a mobile device.
Meanwhile customers are groaning under the new system whereby they are expected to pay their bills at a Zenith Bank Branch before coming to the office of the company to submit the teller before their credit token or receipt is given to them. Prepayment customers also complain that the online payment platform can be unreliable sometimes. For example, this customer paid on the NIBBS online banking platform of one of the banks for his credit token, and though the payment was confirmed and he was debited the amount, no token was generated, even after a receipt was sent to him, both by email ad on the platform. The format is that immediately you send the payment, a credit token is generated in seconds alongside the receipt for the payment. The call centre of the bank was contacted and the representatives confirmed the payment and admitted that there may be an error with Ikeja Electric payment platform and promised a refund of the amount, since they could not generate any token from their end too.
There is also the text message format for the recharge of prepayment meters where a credit token is expected to be sent to the customer after buying a scratch card and sending the pin. Some customers complain that they never receive any response from the dedicated number they send their scratch card pin numbers to.
The unreliability of online payment platforms for Ikeja Electric has ensured that there are always long queues at the cash offices of the company and customers are hardest hit for it. Though some electricity distribution company or DISCOs as they are fancifully called are on quickteller.com platform, no one knows why Ikeja Electric has not become part of the platform to offer customers more payment options and increase the ease of payment. There are also other mobile payment platforms like PAGA which can suffice
There is no gainsaying that Ikeja Electric needs to get its house in order and operate as a modern utility company.


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