Manoj Bhargava: The Billionaire Who Vows to Solve World’s Power Crisis


In an exclusive interview to India Today Television’s Rajdeep Sardesai, Indian-American billionaire philanthropist Manoj Bhargava on Saturday said how different equipments invented by Living Essentials will help solve the power crisis in the coming days and offer people a healthy life free of anxieties.

Speaking about his big innovations, Bhargava, founder and CEO of Living Essentials, explained how his Free Electric bikes will help to power whole households.

“We don’t realise, even if we put wires to villages, nobody can afford to pay the electricity. So we have to make something that there will be no electric bills, anybody can repair, and be efficient to produce enough power. So the burden that 600-700 million people that are not getting electricity 18-hours a day is going to change. And those who are paying a bunch in electric bills can say “I can make my own”. And we do it without pollution”.

Bhargava thinks, his movement Billions in Change will be able to save the world by creating and implementing solutions to the most basic global problems – water, energy and health. Doing so will raise billions of people out of poverty and improve the lives of everyone – rich and poor.

He wants to make things that meet the basic needs of those who don’t have the basics, thus enabling them to provide for themselves, their families and their communities. These basic needs include fresh water for drinking and agriculture; clean electricity to power homes, schools and businesses; and healthcare solutions that prevent disease

62-year-old Bhargava has created the energy-generating Free Electric, a hybrid stationary bicycle that can produce 24 hours of power when ridden for one hour. Pedaling the bike spins a flywheel, which powers the generator. This charges the battery, creating enough power for running lights, a small fan, a charging cell phone or tablet, and more.

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