Ukraine’s Energy Minister Says No Power For Crimea Until Tatars Activist Agree


Ukraine’s Energy Minister says the Government will not restore power to crimea without the approval of Crimean Tatar activists, who are guarding the sites of the damaged electricity lines.

The Tatars, the peninsula’s indigenous people, say that since Russia took over they have experienced repression and violence.

Ukraine, Volodymyr Demchyshyn said, was ready to meet about 20 percent of Crimea’s power supplies once the line was repaired.

“At the moment taking into account the cold weather and unstable work of the energy system of Kherson region, I think it would be right to resume power supplies via the Kakhovka-Titan line and solve part of the problems. Again, all the political issues that have plagued the Crimean Tatar activists remain relevant and as I understand it, they will continue their action,” Demchyshyn said.


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