Experts Proffer Solar Solution for Nigeria’s Power Challenge


A gathering of solar energy experts, recently, reviewed the energy situation in Nigeria and the consensus was that policy makers and the citizenry must immediately adopt solar as the primary source of power in the country, The Guardian reports.

Leading the discussions, the Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Energy, Theophilus Nweke, argued that the geo-thermal installations were failing to generate electricity to keep pace with the growth in demand. He observed that from the remaining sources of energy – solar and wind, solar is preferred because of available technology and abundance of sunshine today and forever.

Coordinator, Central Industrial Liaison and Placement Unit, CILPU, University of Lagos, Adeshola Kukoyi, in his contribution described Solar energy as an idea whose time has come and like all good ideas solar would need advocacy and mass education to succeed.

Nweke further canvassed a single digit renewable energy fund to be assessed by individuals and corporate bodies that want to invest on solar infrastructure. He also stressed that energy conservation is an essential part of the solar philosophy. Every point of light not in use must be turned off. Nigerians must follow the steps of successful nations – adopt the extensive use of inverters and other energy saving devices.



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