Institute to Assist Farmers Generate Power From Cow Waste


The Federal College of Agriculture in Akure,the Ondo State capital is ready to support farmers seeking help to use gasses from cow manure to generate renewable energy.

Its Provost, Dr Samson Odedina, said the institution was determined  to help  bridge the gap in power shortage by developing and disseminating biogas technologies in rural and semi-urban areas.

What the farmers need is a cow to produce constant supply” of manure and a  digester to  break down organic waste to produce biogas, a fuel similar to natural gas.

The system, according to him, collects the manure and transports it to the bio digester, a covered lagoon or tank. There, the manure is quickly decomposed by bacteria, releasing biogas that is then treated and ready to be used as energy.

With  organic matter, such as cow dung, crop residue and chicken wastes, Odedina said the institute is ready to help farmers not connected to the national grid  generated electricity using biogas.

The  biogas system run by  the college needs only one cow to operate, apart from cow dung. It can run on chicken waste.

He said the biogas is an ideal fuel for various applications such as cooking, lighting and motive power.

Odedina said the institute has acquired the technology that enables farmers transform waste into electricity.

According to him, the biogas is  an inexpensive alternative source of energy for cooking and lighting.

He highlighted the benefits of clean biogas for cooking and lighting.

Besides, the waste from the biogas plant after the gas is produced is excellent organic manure that improves soil fertility.

To experts, there is an improved health advantage, arising the use of biogas.

With biomass usage, he believes communities will be encouraged to use animal waste for energy, reducing cutting of trees for charcoal, a major source of energy in the country.


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