Electricity Supply Drops Below 2,000MW


Reports from senior officials of the electricity distribution companies in different parts of the country confirmed that the generation of power dropped drastically on Tuesday and Wednesday. This resulted in the total blackout experienced in many parts of the country. Especially as regards the past few days where the people have been complaining and reaching out to the government through protests. Electricity generation was reduced from about 3,207.7MW to a figure as low as 1,233.4MW on Tuesday due to the partial collapse of the Shiroro Power Plant. By Wednesday, the power generation was 1,580.6MW; the megawatts was being rationed among the electricity distribution companies as Ikeja got 237.09MW; Benin, 142.25MW; Enugu, 142.25MW and Abuja 181.77MW.

Other places like Ibadan was served 205.48MW; Kaduna, 126.45MW; Kano, 126.45MW; Port Harcourt, 102.74MW; and Yola, 55.32MW according to Punch


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