GE Implements Solar Projects for Tolaram Group


GE is undertaking three solar hybrid power projects  in Nigeria for the Tolaram Group as advances in solar technology are making this clean energy more affordable, Vanguard reports.

The first Africa installation of GE’s solar hybrid technology will go ahead later this year at the Northern Noodles factory in Kaduna, northern Nigeria. The state of the art manufacturing facility is run by Dufil Prima Foods, a Tolaram subsidiary. GE Solar is installing a photovoltaic (solar PV) renewable energy plant, which will integrate with the existing diesel generating system for a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply.

Two more Tolaram sites, in Lagos, received solar PV systems that can switch automatically between three power sources – solar, diesel generator and grid electricity – to achieve maximum fuel and cost savings. These pilot sites, sponsored by GE Ventures Licensing, are designed to test new business and technology models focused on small commercial solar customers in Africa.

GE recently renewed its “company to country” agreement with Nigeria for another five years. This is part of a larger GE plan to invest $2 billion in Africa by 2018. That will help Nigeria as it pushes to install 40 gigawatts (40 000MW) of additional power generating capacity by 2020.


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