Douala – Eneo Explains Power Outages


Frequent blackouts have been the order of the day in Douala neighbourhoods like Bonaberi, Ngangue and Deido, and the Moungo and Nkam Divisions of Littoral Region. Since February 16, 2016, areas like Bonaberi have been without electricity for four consecutive days, while others have enjoyed steady power at most for two hours each day.

 To calm angry inhabitants in most neighbourhoods following the nightmare and damage caused by frequent power cuts, Energy of Cameroon, Eneo, has dispatched teams of youths to neighbourhoods, including Bonaberi, with fliers containing reasons for the blackouts. According to the flier, Eneo is strengthening the Logbaba-Bassa-Deido-Bonaberi energy transport line that entails replacing electric cables. As to the reason for the replacement, the flier states that it is due to the increase in household demand, supply to cement factories in the Bonaberi Industrial Zone and the desire to provide quality service to areas affected by the ongoing work.

Since the start of work on February 16, 2016, cables have been replaced on the Logbaba-Bassa-Deido and the Dangote-Bonaberi stretches, while the exercise is also going on the Deido-Dangote stretch. Areas seriously affected by the transport line, including Douala IV Council, Moungo and Nkam Divisions, will have to endure the discomfort of regular outages until work ends on March 22, 2016.


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