Kainji Hydro Plant to Generate 490MW by May

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The Chief Engineer, Kainji Hydro Power Plant, Mr. Jose Villegas has projected that the power plant would be able to generate 490 megawatts by the month of May, The Guardian reports.

Villegas said  “In 2013 when we took over, the plant was only generating 101mw and only two of the eight installed turbines were working. In 2014 we were able to get three of the turbines working and were generating about 200mw, and in 2015 we had five functional turbines generating 440mw”. “But we had a fire incident on the plant and two turbines had to be shut down for now. As at Feb. 2016, we were generating 390mw and we plan to increase generation to 490mw by May”, he said.

Villegas said that since the takeover, new air blast technology and computer based maintenance technology had been installed. He said this was to ensure efficient management of the facility. He said there was a need for a general overhaul of the power plant to seal up leakages and repair the drainage systems. He said right now, the plant was not running at full economic capacity because initial plan of the plant showed available space for 12 turbines but only 8 were installed. He added that the company was bringing in international experts to look into the possibility of having one or more turbines added to the plant to boost power generation.


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