DisCos Can’t Currently Measure Impact of Budget on Power Sector – ANED


The Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors (ANED), Sunday Oduntan, has said he could not measure the impact of the budget on the power sector until it is broken down and Nigerians know how much goes to the power sector, The Nation reports.

He said: “The budget is not broken down so I wouldn’t be able to assess how it would impact the electricity power sector. But remember that among the value chain, government needs only to fund the transmission. Actually what we need from the government is conducive policies and environment, encouragement of direct foreign investment into the power sector”.

“The government should also encourage investors in the sector, ensure steady and adequate supply of gas to power generation stations because if the power stations generate more power, the distribution companies will have more power to distribute. What Nigerians need is let there be light.” He said whatever is allocated to the power sector may not matter much, saying what matters is, “let the allocation be judiciously utilised. What matters now is let every stakeholder do what is supposed to be done.”



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