Epileptic Power Supply: DisCos Not Responsible for Nigerians’ Plight


Nigerians should not be deceived by trade unions to embark on strike as a result of the erratic power supply being experienced in the country. Mr Sony Anaeto, a public analyst, while reviewing the electricity situation in the country said that the daily reports of sabotage of oil  and gas  pipelines  confirmed the innocence of the DisCos in the current power supply, even as he blamed them for slow metering distribution across the country.

Anaeto said that it will be on called for to portray DisCos as exploiting the Nigerian  masses with the new electricity tariffs as they are not saddled with generate and transmit of electricity. “The DisCos do not exist in a vacuum but are at the receiving end of a value chain in electricity generation and transmission. If they do not have kilowatts of electricity transmitted to them for distribution their distribution capacity is denuded if not non- existent.

“It is sad to note that some trade unions are deliberately portraying the discos as exploiting the Nigerian masses with the new tariffs approved by NERC  and equating that with the highly explosive fuel price increase.” Anaeto assured that with the new electricity tariff better days are ahead. , “Nigerians also know that electricity distribution is highly technological and it will take some time for those who have invested in it to make any profit.


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