Nigeria Has Enough Electricity to Go Round – Kolawole Balogun

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Mommas Systems Nige­ria Limited Chief Exec­utive Officer, Dr. Kola­wole Balogun has said that the Nigerian industrial sector should not be suffering from poor pow­er supply because the transmission company in Nigeria has enough power to supply to con­sumers.
He however said the problem is that the transformers in place now do not have the capacity to carry the amount of power re­quired by the consumers.
He said: “Technically speak­ing, power transmission com­panies have enough electricity to supply to consumers through the distribution companies rout­ed through transformers. How­ever, most current transformers in place cannot withstand the amount of power required by the consumers.”
He suggested that electricity marketing companies should be separate and independent of the distribution companies (Discos).
According to him, Discos are overwhelmed doing the job of distribution and mar­keting. The marketing compa­nies should not be organs of the DISCOs. But should be separate organizations that are accredit­ed by government for this specific service.
The marketers, he postulat­ed, will be in a symbiotic rela­tionship with the manufacturers of meters for supply, installation and monitoring.
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