How to Tackle Power Problems


The Federal Government has been urged to adopt a holistic approach in fixing power problems.

Stakeholders, including Electricity Meters Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (EMMAN)Executive Secretary, Muhideen Ibrahim and Kola Balogun,  Managing Director of MEMCOL Nigeria Limited, a meter manufacturing firm, urged the government to tackle power challenges from a broader perspective.

Ibrahim  told The Nation that all sectors of the economy should  depend on each other for growth, arguing that the government’s attempt  to address the problems only in one sector, would not help the power industry.

He said the power challenges were from other sectors, such as oil and gas and manufacturing. “This is the reason I said stakeholders, including governments must adopt a holistic approach to solving the nation’s problems of which power is the most critical one. Based on this, one can say that the complexities in the power sector are a reflection of a near failed system,  Ibrahim said.

Balogun said the power sector would not grow if government  fails to solves generation problems by tackling the firms providing components, such as transformers, cables and meter, among others.

According to him, when personal interest overrides that of the public in a country, the consequence for the economy is bad.

“Why should somebody vandalise the gas pipelines, steal  armoured cables or underground cables?” he queried. He wondered why vandals should remove wires from the poles, destroy oil fields and wells, tamper with the transformers and meters.

‘The destruction of gas pipelines and  other national assets is injurious to the nation’ Balogun said


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