Calls for Investments in Nigeria’s Renewable Energy System

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According to the Energy Commission of Nigeria, ECN, the nation’s energy demand will hit 250,000 megawatts by 2030. The current generated capacity of about 2,750 megawatts for the entire country of about 170 million in population reveals that the most populous African nation is facing a major energy crisis.

From the South to the North, electric power has been in acute short supply, this has left households and organizations with the only option of relying on fuel powered generating sets as a main alternative to the situation.

To many stakeholders in the power sector and concerned parties such as the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, there has to be an increased renewable energy investment in the nation’s power generation mix as a viable alternative source of energy to the consumers.

At a roundtable conference organized to discuss the Nigerian energy mix strategy and the future of renewable energy in Lagos on Wednesday June 29, the body said that quick and proper implementation of the various renewable energy policy recommendations in the country will help solve the power crisis.

Nigeria’s gas-fired plants currently account for 64 per cent of its electricity generation and distribution capacities.


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