Iduowunwina Residents Protest Incessant Power Outage

Protesters in Onitsha against EEDC

Residents of Iduowunwina Community in Ovia North East local government area, Edo State on Saturday took to the streets to protest alleged total blackout for over three months.

The residents expressed their worries over the incessant power outage.  The spoke person for the protesters lamented that the community has been thrown into total darkness for some months. He also complained over alleged  outrageous electricity bills and made to pay for services not rendered by BEDC.

“For a very long time we have been in darkness, and we have been paying for that darkness not for light. Sometime ago they gave outrageous bills it us even while there was no flash of the light. BEDC are cheating us, we are paying for what we are not enjoying, they keep on bringing estimated bills to us, please enough is enough, this time around we are tired of paying for what we are not enjoying” he said

Another aggrieved resident blamed his financial downturn on the lack of power ” I am  youth and a businessman, how am I going to improve when I do not have electricity. I need the DISCOs to go back to their drawing board and come out with lasting solutions”.



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