President Mahama of Ghana Blames Nigeria for Country’s Electricity Outage

Mahama said the delay in the delivery of crude-oil which they ordered from Nigeria is the cause of the power shortage in Ghana.
He further explained to Ghanaians that the delay was as a result of the bombing of crude-oil pipelines in the Niger-Delta region.
President Mahama said “Recently, there have been some issues with electricity tariffs; the Electricity Company of Ghana has done some work on it. They have done a realignment of their billing system and I believe that people can begin to feel some relief in terms of the bills that they were paying. The bills have been made more transparent so that you can tell with every unit you buy, how much the value of the unit is.
“Aside from that, we have recently suffered some generational problems. I held a stakeholders’ meeting with all those involved in the power sector. Because of sabotage in Nigeria on the terminals, crude oil that we ordered last month has not arrived; and so, it has created some generational problem for us.”
He said “So, I will crave your indulgence and urge all of you to understand. We are not declaring load shedding, I believe things will be normalised, but we are taking steps every day to ensure that Ghana has security when it comes to power.”
Nigeria’s own N-Gas supplies gas to Ghana’s Volta River Authority through the West African Gas Pipeline.
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