Obasanjo Calls for Continuity of Mega Electricity Projects in Nigeria


Former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo is calling for the continuity of mega electricity projects by successive Nigeria governments if the country must overcome its acute power shortages and energy crises in the next few decades.

He was speaking at an investment forum in the Indian ocean island of Seychelles on ways of supporting Africa industrialists

Obasanjo lamented the inability of presidents after him to complete the Independent Power Plants ( IPP’s) initiated by his administration to give Nigeria over 5,000 megawatts of electricity by year 2008.

Sumner Sambo reports from t venue of the forum that the ex-President is concerned about the dwindling fortunes of institutions like NEPAD and the African Peer Review Mechanism put in place by himself and past presidents to enhance economic integration and prosperity on the continent.

The evening rush hour in Lagos traffic turned into a tragedy for 11 commuters when the 14-seater bus conveying them to their destination lost control, flipped and burst into flames.

We’ll like to warn that some of the visuals you are about to see might be disturbing.

Only 3 passengers survived by a hair’s breath after they were rescued by eyewitnesses while the remaining 11 were burnt to death.

Officers of the Lagos state emergency management agency, the federal road safety corps and the police, were among the emergency responders at the scene of the accident.

They had to deal with the terrible gridlock that stretched more than 500 metres from the scene of the tragedy.


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