July 2016 #NEHPowerWednesday Twitterview With Dr. Sanusi Ohiare on “Rural Electrification: Increasing Access to Electricity in Off-Grid Communities”

PowerWednesday Dr. Sanusi Ohiare

Dr. Sanusi Ohiare (Advisor, Rural Electrification, Nigerian Energy Support Programme GIZ) joined Nigeria Electricity Hub on twitter @NGElectricHub to discuss “Rural Electrification: Increasing Access to Electricity in Off-grid Communities”

The discussion points were:

  • Challenges and pragmatic solutions to rural electrification
  • GIS as a tool for electrification
  • Potential opportunities in rural electrification

#PowerWednesday an initiative of Nigeria Electricity Hub, is a social media platform for discussing and addressing critical issues relating to Nigeria’s power sector. A guest is invited every last Wednesday of the month to discuss topical issues on Twitter. The programme is designed to build the communication gap between ordinary citizens, government and industry players in the power sector.



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