Firm Threatens to Discontinue Power Supply in Imo


If the threat stands, the entire Imo State will be cut off from public electricity Electricity.

Yesterday, the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), promised to discontinue power supply following what it described as “rampant relocation without proper consultation and approval” of her facilities by contractors in the state in the guise of ongoing road expansion.

The company which raised the alarm over the destruction of her facilities by road contractors said it had not only been robbed of revenue but that such activities have exposed members of the public to electrocution.

 In a statement by its head of Communications, Emeka Ezeh, the company added: “It is important to bring to the fore, the very high risk to safety of lives and property posed by this rampant activity of these contractors. As a result of this act of compromise, members of the public are exposed to electrocution due to exposed damaged electric lines and equipment; and this could result in avoidable liability for our organization and we are not disposed to any of such liability.”

Explaining that it had made conscious efforts to forestall the risky act without the desired cooperation of the contractors and the state agencies, the statement added: “It is to this end that the management of EEDC has resolved, in the interest of safety of lives, to isolate the feeders and substations within these construction areas. Where this continues, in the interest of public safety, we shall have no option but to discontinue power supply to the entire Imo State.

“We have experienced situations where transformers, electric poles and other equipment belonging to EEDC are being relocated without consultation and approval by the contractors. This has resulted in destruction of our equipment, thereby exposing us to significant revenue loss as our customers are subjected to non-supply of electricity.”


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