Cummins to Boost Investment in Nigeria’s Power Sector


A global power leader, Cummins Power Generation, which recently hosted key stakeholders from Nigeria to its Manston Factory in Kent, United Kingdom, has said that it will continue to provide quality services in the Nigerian power sector.
The visiting Nigerian delegation was mainly made up of select stakeholders from financial institutions, the engineering, manufacturing, construction and logistic sectors.


They were all afforded a first-hand experience of the dynamic technical workings and operations of Cummins Power Generation factories.
Speaking on the stakeholder engagement, the sales manager, Cummins West Africa Limited Mr James Amenah, noted that the visit was an avenue to highlight the deep commitment of the Cummins brand to global best practices while creating value for stakeholders.
“Cummins remains committed to improving product and service efficiencies. We are constantly innovating our engineering capabilities to engender a stronger, more competitive brand which underscores the mission and values Cummins represents,” Amenah said.

The Cummins factory which is located in the South East of England produces a wide range of Cummins products ranging up to 3.5 mega watts.
The chief technical officer, Income Eletrix, Vinod Vig, who was one of the participants invited by the company commended Cummins for its dedication to providing world class products and service over the years.

“The Cummins standard as exhibited in its factories gives us confidence in their products which improves the quality of service we deliver, resulting in sustained customer loyalty and an improved bottom-line,” he said.

The tour of the plant was meant to showcase the production process of the world class products available to the Cummins brand, while engendering stakeholder interests.
Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, distributes and service diesel and natural gas engine and related technologies including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems. Cummins was founded in Nigeria as Cummins West Africa in 2007 and delivers round the clock service support for its products.


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