Why Mambilla Hydro-Power Project was Delayed for Over 33 Years – Sen. Yusuf

Senator Yusuf Yusuf (APC-Taraba) has identified politics, poor attitude, lack of capacity and enabling law as factors that delayed the Mambilla Hydro-power project for over 33 years.
Yusuf, who is the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, disclosed this at the News Agency of Nigeria Forum in Abuja on Thursday.
He said: “Because of poor attitude, politics, capacity and regulation, this project has been on for the past 33 years.
“No single earth movement in that location.
“We are so grateful to the advent of President Muhammadu Buhari who promised that he is going to do that Mambilla hydro-power (project).
“Now, I think the environmental impact assessment is being done, the details of the drawings, designs and what have you is being looked into in preparation of signing the agreement with the Chinese.
“So, I’m looking forward to its taking-off, I can say, during the course of the year after these things have been done.”
On the fate of inhabitants of the project site, Yusuf allayed fear of any form of victimisation.
He said: “Certain things are also going to come in after environmental impact assessment.
“After agreeing on the design, they have to go there and look into (the) resettlement of the people.
“They have to also look into (the) area of compensating the people.
“So, there are various things that will come into play.
“I am looking forward to such things.
“On the Mambilla Plateau, we are blessed (with) minerals (and) tea.”
Yusuf said the project would cost nearly $6 billion, adding that 3,050 megawatts of electricity would be added to national grid after its completion to ensure stable power in the country.
Yusuf added that 70 per cent of the sum would be provided by a Chinese Firm, while 30 per cent would be provided by the Federal Government.
The senator also commended former President Ibrahim Babangida for opening up the road to the Plateau, saying: “It is hastening the review of the proposed Mambilla Hydro-power project.”
NAN recalls the Mambila hydro-power project under the old Gongola State was first conceived in 1982 by the former President Shehu Shagari administration.
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