Energy Efficiency: Stakeholders Demand Standardisation of Electrical Appliances


Stakeholders in the electrical and electronic equipment segment of the economy have given their support to measures taken by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to checkmate sub-standardisation in electrical appliances brought in or sold in the country.

They have therefore called for more stringent enforcement exercises and stiffer penalty for recalcitrant firms and individuals once the SON Council approves the recommendations of a technical committee, which reviewed the standardisation and labels for air-conditioners in the country.

A statement from SON over the weekend noted that the committee rounded off its two-day sitting yesterday and among its recommendations were the provision of one-five stars labeling model for air-conditioners in the country.

According to the stakeholders, not only would this checkmate the dumping of substandard electrical and related appliances and equipment in the country, it would also ensure that only energy-efficient appliances are allowed in the country.

Though some representatives from private firms had argued tactically for shift in date for the commencement of enforcement against non-compliant equipment, the committee, however, favoured the superior arguments from the SON that further shift on the matter would mean endangering the lives of Nigerians the more, a harm on the economy as well as the Nigerian eco-system.

Mr. Richard Adewunmi who presented the technical committee’s position stressed the importance of managing the little energy available in the country partly by shunning high energy consuming appliances, which in any case, had been phased out in other countries.

He cited the trend in both European Union countries and the United States of America where energy consumption levels had reduced drastically by deliberate policy decisions, despite the availability of sufficient energy for the people, saying Nigeria cannot afford to do otherwise.


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