Nextier Power Canvasses Holistic Appraisal for Solving Nigeria’s Power Challenges

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A power investment advisory  and services company, otherwise referred to as Nextier Power, has called for holistic appraisal of the technical challenges affecting power delivery, including an overhaul of private sector involvement, and assessment of militating power sector challenges, if the nation must witness increased power supply. A Partner of the company, Mr Emeka Opkupara, while addressing the media in Abuja, advocated a convergence of DisCos agencies, GenCos and development agencies if we must achieve sectoral improvement.

Opkupara who further disclosed a plan to organise a Renewable Energy summit on September 21, attributed the poor level of investment and lack of significant impact of renewable energy resources into the power supply chain to lack of trust factor, poor technical know-how and poor education of the people in the sector NEXTIER, according to Mr Opara is currently designing a road map on renewable energy that will also accommodate the distribution sector, address shortfall issues, workability and create renewable energy space that compares to such facilities elsewhere On what the company planned to bring to the energy supply chain, Mr.  Opara said the primary concern of NEXTIER is to improve the thought process in the Power sector and to congregate the relevant stakeholders to a decision point He also assured that the company will take the charge to power sector solutions and compliment sharing experiences across the board. He lamented the disconnect between power generation and distribution adding that power generation must correlate with power distribution

Also speaking, an associate partner with the firm, Mr Taiwo Ibiyemi, said that there were several platforms including power energy dialogues, Renewable series and so on that were designed to promote interactions and exchanges in the Energy thought process.

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