Association Plans Domestic Renewable Energy Initiative


National President, Sustainable Energy Practitioners Association of Nigeria (SEPAN), Dr Chidi Onuoha, says it will soon launch renewable energy initiative that will enable Nigerians to use the energy in their houses.
Onuoha said this in an interview with newsmen in Abuja. He said that the association had secured green energy finance from a company when it attended African Carbon Conference in Kigali.
“The idea is for us to come to your houses and give you clean energy; you can pay back the money minimum from four to five years.

“The initiative will be mainly for workers who can pay back from their salaries. “ We will start the process of implementation in six months time, ’’ he said. In addition, he said the association would also support the Federal Government to generate 5,000 megawatts of renewable energy through its advocacy. “There are so many opportunities from using renewable energy. “Although there are issues of customs and tariffs, the technology is evolving, all those challenges make it look like the cost is that high. “The cost is coming down right now because as technology improves, there is competition and the cost begins to come down. “ Therefore it is a win-win situation for government and a big opportunity for Nigeria.’’

He, however, commended the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing for investment in renewable energy. “The market for renewable energy is growing; it is coming up with the leadership position taken by President Muhammadu Buhari last year. “Last three weeks, the Minister of Power signed a Private Partnership agreement with 14 developers in the renewable energy and power purchase. “The idea is so that some of them will generate up to two Megawatts in the next two years.’’ He said that the government should formulate more policies that would make it utilise renewable energy potential in the country. Citing the example of South Africa, he said that the country had a policy and it had been able to generate 4,000 megawatts of renewable energy. “By 2020, they are looking at generating 10,000 to 20,000 megawatts. “South Africa has data bank and what we are lacking here in the country is data bank.
“Thank God we are getting it right now; one thing is policy and another thing is the implementation. “Another thing is the law backing it, investors cannot come and invest here, unless there is a law; we have a policy now.’’
Onuoha, a consultant to the National Assembly on Climate Change, said that National Assembly would soon come up with a law to back up renewable energy in the country. “The critical thing is that we have a president who believes in Climate Change, who doesn’t see that Climate change is fallacious. “ We want to make sure we will support the government; beyond framework, there should be a law backing it,’’ he said.


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