KEDC Embarks on Sensitization Visits


In a win-win effort to improve relation with host communities and increase revenue, the Kebbi Area Office has embarked on a sensitization program to different communities, starting with Gwadangwaji District.

According to the Business Development Relationship Officer (BDRO), Abubakar I. Hashim who led the team, the visit is intended to meet with the customers to explain the efforts the company is putting in place to serve them better. The visit is also to establish a relationship that will encourage them to pay their bills regularly.

The BDRO lamented the challenges that Kaduna Electric is facing in terms of poor revenue hinting that the company may no longer guarantee constant supply of electricity if customers continue to refuse to pay for electricity consumed.

He added that now that company is privately run and has financial obligations to the Transmission Company of Nigeria for energy bought, it would depend on the consumers to pay for energy they use.

Similarly, the Senior Billing Officer, Ibrahim Sani spoke about the company’s willingness to clarify billing and metering issues.

He went further to explain that the practice of using one wire to service two different houses is no longer acceptable and will be rectified by proper customer enumeration.

He appealed to customers to demand for proof-of-payment for payments made to staff adding that people should shun all acts of illegal connections and report any such activity to the office where it will be handled appropriately.

The District Head of Gwadangwaji, Alh. Umaru Ahmad in his response commended the management of Kaduna Electric for recognizing the need to sensitize his people. He assured the visiting team that all the issues raised would be adequately addressed. He however appealed to the company to replace some of the faulty electrical facilities in Gwadangwaji district.

Source: Independent Energy Watch Initiative


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