JMG Partners Distributors to Expand Reach of Its Power Products


JMG Limited, a diversified solution provider with a broad portfolio in power generation, electrical infrastructures and industrial equipment has said it will partner with major electrical infrastructures and industrial equipment dealers and distributors in Nigeria to make available its avalanche of products to Nigerians.

During the formal launch of the partnership with market stakeholders at the Idumota Electrical Market, which include Perfect Angels Nigeria, the Group General Manager, JMG Limited, Rabbi Jammal, said that the partnership is part of JMG’s active role in providing the country with high performance power infrastructures and solutions, adding that the partnership was as a result of the constant demand by Nigerians for high quality electrical and power solutions.

He said, “JMG is a leading company in power and electric infrastructure for manufacturing plants. We represent brands like Legrand, Mitsubishi Turbocharger, ABB, FG Wilson, Arteor, and General Electric (GE) among others. We have been in Nigeria since 1998, and our main focus was on the premium and mid-range customers. However, in the last two years, we have been expanding our wholesale activities through the distributors in markets around major cities in Nigeria including Lagos, Onitisha and others.”

Source: EnergyMix


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