Poor Power Supply Hinders N3tn Investment in Data Centres – Experts


Analysts from Main One, Google and Kits Technologies among others have said that the prolonged struggle to overcome the power crisis in Nigeria is a major obstacle to broadband penetration in the country

The Federal Government must resolve the power infrastructure shortcomings in the country and formulate good broadband policies to attract N3tn investment in data centre deployment, the analysts said. Data centres are critical to the provision of faster and cheaper Internet connectivity and President Muhammadu Buhari as well as the Ministry of Communications have said approximately 300 of such centres are required to support affordable Internet services and software applications in the country.

Foreign Information Technology companies such as Google Incorporated, Microsoft Corporation and Oracle, at various fora, have said they will be willing to invest in this area. The companies, however, expressed concern at the absence of a broadband policy that would promote infrastructure sharing and competition as well as the glaring power challenges that the country has been facing despite the power sector privatisation, due to the fact that data centres consume a lot of electricity


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