‘Why Shell Introduced kinetic Energy in Nigeria, Others’


Shell Petroleum Development Company(SPDC) has introduced kinetic energy to Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, China, United Kingdom and the United States to boost power supply, its Communication Manager, Mrs Shola Abulu, has said.

At the first anniversary of the kinetic energy pitch which the oil giant provided for the Federal College of Education (FCE) Technical, Akoka, Lagos, Mrs Abulu said the idea, a product of Makethefuture Campaign, was aimed at improving power supply globally.

Other reasons, she said, included the need for the countries to generate electricity using advanced technology and to increase access to power.

She said kinetic energy is generated when people walk or jump on the solar-powered pitch or ground, while gravity energy is produced through the use of a heavy object fitted with electricial apparatus.

Mrs Abulu said the firm also invested in kinetic energy and other smart energy solutions in the countries to provide altenatives to fossil fuels, regarded as unclean, unreliable and an expensive source of energy globally.

She said kerosene and diesels are dangerous to health, adding that smart energy is new and safer.

Source: The Nation

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