KEDCO Laments Insufficient Power from National Grid


The Kano Electricity Distribution Company  (KEDCO) in a statement made on the KEDCO official facebook page,  joined EEDC, IBEDC, Kaduna Electric and PHED among others in lamenting about the insufficient power received from the national grid in the last few days, saying:

“We genuinely crave the patience and understanding of our customers during this trying period.
We are in business of electricity distribution, thus our customers need to understand that for us, supplying quality and reliable electricity is our topmost priority.

We can only distribute what is transmitted to us from what is generated.  Presently, there are a lot of challenges from the generation and transmission end, which affect us at the distribution end.

A few weeks ago when the country was generating 4,000+ megawatts our customers will attest the steadiness of supply; now the generation in the whole country is below 2000 megawatts with a number of recorded complete grid collapses, hence, we are left with an average of 50 megawatts for distribution.

Finally, we will like to call on the understanding and grit of our valued customers while assuring them that things will change for the better as soon as possible.”


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