Keffi Residents Decry Poor Electricity Supply


Keffi residents in Nasarawa State have expressed concern over the erratic power supply in the area.

They said that the development had brought about a lull in business activities in Keffi and Nassarawa state in general.

Some of the residents, who expressed their minds to newsmen on Wednesday in Keffi said all their businesses were facing setbacks due to power outages.

According to them, almost all the businesses in the state are facing setbacks due to the poor power supply; some of us resort to the use of electricity generating sets more often than not.

Mr Colin Babatunde, a 2010 graduate, who ventured into frozen food business because of his inability to secure white-collar jobs, said his business had been affected by the outage.

He said that due to the epileptic power supply, he had been using generating set to sustain his business and pleaded with the government to give more attention to the power sector.

Mrs Bisola Adeyemi, a resident in the Government Reservation Area (GRA), said the area only enjoyed two hours of electricity daily.

“This is really affecting the ice block business that I do, I have to be on electricity generating set to sustain my business,” she said.

Another resident, a tailor, Mr Bala Danjuma told NAN that supply of electricity had improved in some parts of the town.

According to him, my business is really facing a downturn, I don’t know what to do for now.

“I am not making any profit because the profit is being diverted to run electricity generating set.

 Source: PMNews
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