Dangote Chief Lists Solutions for Power Sector Crises


As Nigerians and businesses grope in darkness, Honorary Adviser to the President of Dangote Group, Engr. Joe Makoju, has advocated adequate funding and restructuring of the power sector to achieve relative stability in electricity generation and distribution, Vanguard reports.

He said the power sector is currently bankrupt to the point of threatening the health of financial institutions and the wider national economy. To restructure the sector for effective services, Makoju advised a reduction in the distribution zones.

Speaking at a two-day power sector stakeholders’ interactive dialogue, Makoju canvassed a fundamental structural change as against the current path of tariff increases and government bailouts. He said: “I am not an alarmist, but if we continue on the current path of tariff increase and bailouts without fundamental structural changes, we will soon be dealing with a disaster.”

Source: EnergyMix

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