Meet the Jos-Based Engineer Building Energy Efficient Equipment From Local Materials

Solar Cabinet

A lot of Nigeria’s problems arguably revolve around fuel, energy and energy efficiency. And we have largely not been able to solve those problems locally. But one engineer and entrepreneur in Jos is determined to change that.

Lannap Selbol, the CEO of Bols and Sels Nigeria Limited, is creatively and innovatively working to create energy-efficient equipment. Lannap, currently based in Jos, has worked on many solar power projects in Nigeria including working as the lead engineer on a 55KW solar system that powers a whole filling station in Abuja.

Lannap and his team have so far built a solar cabinet dryer, clean efficient institutional woodstove, and a smokeless incinerator – from locally sourced materials!

The Woodstove

The wood stove is built to use significantly less wood – two-thirds less – than normal and does not emit any smoke. The stove saves wood and fuel and cooking time, and it is environmentally friendly. The company hopes to commercialize the stove by making smaller units that can fit into regular kitchens, and outfit the units with charging capabilities for small devices.

The Smokeless Incinerator

This equipment uses way smaller quantities of fuel than normally needed to get the incinerator burning.

The Solar Cabinet Dryer

This device uses solar energy to dry food like pepper and vegetables, while retaining most of their nutrients and flavor.

in an interview with, Lannap shares how his team decides what devices to build:

“What we do is to look at the local challenges of people and figure out how to fix them in an energy conservative manner with the locally sourced materials available.”

People’s skepticism about products made in Nigeria is also one of the challenges that he’s facing, but Lannap and his team are determined to start from somewhere and grow while still solving the problem of the everyday man.

Source: Kobini

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