Allow Private Investors to Restore Electricity in Nigeria – O’Neal Lajuwomi


The Chief Executive Officer, Waveland Integrated Power Service Ltd, O’Neal Lajuwomi has called on private investors to partner with the government to provide short term solutions, that will tackle electricity challenges in the country.

He said that Nigeria’s power issue is bedeviled with several problems, ranging from the distribution to generation and transmission.

He recommended privatisation of electricity as one of the solutions in fixing these problems.

Mr. Lajuwomi made this known on Channels Television’s breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily.

He added that “the power distribution companies have obsolete transmission lines which are not in use” and this is not allowing Nigeria to reach its capacity to supply about 12,000 Megawatts.

Statistics, according to him, have shown that the TCN can only supply 5,500 Megawatts in spite of Nigeria having a higher capacity.

He acknowledged, however, that the government is doing their best to restore electricity but the calls coming from the international community shows how serious the situation is.

“The call is more from the international agencies such as, United Nations Industrial Agencies, IFC, World Bank, and United Human Right for Refugee.

“Those international agencies are the ones clamoring for this.” Lajuwomi said.

Source: iwin

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