Landlords, Ikeja Electric Biker Over Wire Re-routing


WHILE many Nigerians are complaining of the irregular electricity supply that has characterized the power sector, some landlords at Abule-Egba, a suburb of Lagos, are faced with additional trouble – the re-routing of high tension wires over their properties by Ikeja Electric, IE.

The landlords, in support of one of their own Mr Godfrey Iriogbe, over whose property IE re-routed the wires, condemned the attitude of the company. According to them,  IE should return the wires to their original place in the spirit of fairness. One of the landlords, Mrs. Queen Osagie, said that the action of the company towards Iriogbe smacks of injustice. ”It is obvious that Ikeja Electric deliberately put the wire on Iriogbe’s property.

For years, the wire was over the mosque in the neighbourhood. Why is it now that the firm changed the location of the wire?’’ she asked. Original position Another landlord, Mr. Sylvester Arovo, said the community has expressed its disapproval to IE requesting them to route the wire properly. According to him, many of the landlords after visiting the building at No 5, Abiodun Onitiri Street, Abule Egba, condemned the IE, warning that if the wires were not removed, they could lead to the building’s demolition in future for being under electric cable. Another landlord, who identified herself as Mrs. Odigbe, said the landlords expected the Abule-Egba unit of IE to retain its original position.

She said: “Why other landlords and I in the area are not happy is that we discovered that the Abule-Egba unit was erecting the wires on top of Iriogbe’s property. Why should the firm do this to him? The company is setting a bad precedence. The implication is that any of the landlords can be a victim in future. That is the reason landlords are appealing to IE management to be fair on the issue.’’ Iriogbe,  a member of staff of The Nation Newspapers, said he had conformed to town planning rules and regulations, including providing 30 centimetres setback to the road before building his house, wondering what the firm was after.

Source: IWIN

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