Transcorp to Partner with Covenant University on Solar Power Project

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The Group General Counsel, Transcorp Power, Mr. Christopher Ezeafulukwe, while on a courtesy visit, has expressed his firm’s intentions to partner with Covenant University to explore solar energy generation and utilization in Nigeria.

Mr. Ezeafulukwe, decried the “critical situation” of power supply in Nigeria. He said that changes in government policies have had a drastic effect on Transcorp Power’s investment. He said the company’s partnership with power producer, ENGIE, on solar energy is in a bid to provide a solution to the challenges. “We did preliminary work to identify stakeholders whose power we would need to address. One is the tertiary education sector, then Covenant University came up,” he said.
Mr. Ezeafulukwe said that Transcorp Power was at Covenant University to understand the University’s energy needs, and areas where his company and the University can work together within the purview of what Transcorp Power was doing with ENGIE. He added that Transcorp wants to partner with Covenant University on power generation and help to reduce the University’s cost as solar energy generation is cost effective.
Source: EnergyMix
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