Kano Electricity Distribution Company Uncovers Illicit Power Users

Kano Electricity Distribution Company Plc (KEDCO) has uncovered several illicit power users who have been alleged to be stealing energy from its networks, through meter bypass and illegal connections at night.
This discovery followed the commencement of night operations in collaboration with the Anti-vandalism Joint Taskforce led by the Regional Manager of Kano Central Regional office, Abubakar Jimeta.
Jimeta, who disclosed that the night operation was necessary to unearth irregularities perpetrated by the power consumers, said the night job had yielded positive results as some culprits were caught in the act.
The RM also informed that after disconnecting defaulters the company’s various cash offices was thronged by customers who were paying for their electricity bills.   
In a statement issued by KEDCO’s spokesperson, Mohammed Kandi, it said preliminary investigation shows that majority of customers at Rijiyar Zaki, Janbulo, Tudun Yola and BUK road stopped vending even with the huge power supply, and which prompted close monitoring in those areas.
According to the RM, “the customers who perpetrate these despicable acts of energy theft, meter bypass and illegal connection do that mostly at nights knowing that the operational staff would have closed for the day.”
“So we decided to follow their lead by introducing night operations from 10: 30pm to 3: 30am, and the discoveries had been shocking—they bypassed our meters by connecting from the service wires directly into their homes,” he said.
He said: “While some customers found to be culpable refused to open their doors to the visiting team, others opened up initially but went back and lock their doors.”
He also stressed the need for similar efforts to be replicated in other KEDCO coverage areas of Kano, Katsina and Jigawa states.
Source: BusinessDay
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