Light Up Your Homes and Offices With MTN Mobile Electricity


Staying in darkness while the neighbors on their generators every night is one of the childhood memories that I will never forget in haste. Staying in darkness became a part of us that we almost didn’t remember what the joy and shouting of both kids and adults felt like, whenever the lights were restored.

But gladly, the story is no longer the same. Though there isn’t no steady electric supply in Nigeria yet, but surely, gone are the days when we have to endure the pain of not having stable electricity. And also dealing with noisy generators as MTN is set to light up our lives with MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity, which gives/adds more value to life with its 24/7 solar electricity that is safe, noiseless, reliable and affordable.
MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity, which was launched last month is brought to you by MTN in partnership with Nova-Lumos and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). MTN Mobile Electricity is geared towards making modern electricity available to millions of homes and businesses in Nigeria through reliable solar systems on a per-use plan.
MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity can power up both households and business equipment such as bulbs, mobile phones, fans, hair clippers, computers, TVs and other small electronic devices daily and all at once. For as low as NGN200 per day which you can conveniently pay with your airtime from your MTN line, which can be paid the same way you pay for your data bundle subscription.
Taking a peek under the hood of the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity, it is made up of a large solar panel linked to an indoor storage unit which allows customers to access significant amounts of power (electricity) 24/7 on-demand, whether day or night. Large 80W solar panel unit and cables, Solar indoor unit, USB mobile phone charger, 2 powerful led bulbs and DC to AC converter
The Mobile Electricity gadget and its service are provided to customers on lease to own basis, and the cost is spread over a 5-year term, so customers can choose a suitable plan from the plan options and pay for usage in small installments.
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