TCN, DisCos Reject 8500MWh from Kainji, Jebba – Operator


The Transmission Company of Nigeria rejected about 8,500 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity from the two hydropower generating plants in Kainji and Jebba, between February 1st to March 13th, 2017, records have shown.

The electricity generation and supply records made available to newsmen from the operator of the two plants, Mainstream Energy Solutions Ltd, indicate that the TCN could not utilise 601.8MWh and 1,115.3MWh  in February from Kainji and Jebba plants respectively.

The problem continued with 5830.2MWh and 1027.29 MWh in the first 13 days of this month from both plants.

Addressing a press conference on the issue, the managing director, Mainstream Energy Solution, Engr Lamu Audu, said the situation is beginning to affect the generation turbines in the two plants.

According to him, the frequency of the directives to shut down from market the operator kept increasing on a daily basis and was affecting the plants both in terms of revenue and performance.

“We are not allowed to deliver what we generated. We receive direct instructions from National Control Centre to reduce load or shut down completely, as a result we are facing technical challenges with our machines,” Engr Lamu said.

He said the situation also discouraged investors and financiers to put more money in the business.

TCN, General Manager, Public Affairs, Mrs. Seun Olagunju, however dismissed that claims by the GenCo saying they have not received any official complaint on the issue.

Meanwhile, the DisCos on their part confirmed rejecting power from TCN because most often TCN would not take light to the destination it was asked to due to obsolete transmission infrastructure.

Reacting on behalf of the DisCos, the Secretary General of Association of Distribution Companies in Nigeria, Barr. Sunday Odutan, said his members would not collect power at locations they didn’t ask for power it because of the difficulties in distribution or recovery from such locations.

“DisCos will continue to reject power which is delivered to them at locations not sought for. Why should I receive power from you in Kubwa when I asked you to deliver power to me in Gwagwalada? Or I ask you to deliver power to me in Lugbe, you go and deliver the power at Nyanya?

“That is the antics of TCN. And we are not going to fall for it because if you deliver power to me at a wrong place, how do I effectively distribute it and recover tariff?”

Source: DailyTrust

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