Invest in LED Lighting for Energy Conservation, Expert Tells FG

LED Light

The Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Energy, Mr. Theophilus Nweke, has called on the federal government to invest in LED lighting from solar energy in order to attain efficient energy conservation for the country.

Nweke said the country has the best brains and hands working in the energy sector yet they cannot fix the power problem. “Most baffling is the fact that the capacities of the electricity institutions in the country diminished after privatisation, but in other climes, the reverse has always been the case,” Nweke said.

He expressed regret that homes and offices run on generators, yet the distribution companies still harass them with outrageous bills.

“Public expectations for manageable electricity have not been met. Nigerians have gotten used to groping in the dark because of the sing song systems failure, gas shortage and vandalism.

Should the situation continues to deteriorate, the World Bank projection of 1.5 per cent growth for this economy in 2017 might just be a hoax, Nweke said.

He said renewable energy has seized to be an option, as it is now the only way to dependable electricity in Nigeria and the focus should be on solar energy.

Blaming the situation on inconsistencies in policy implementation, Nweke said: “The law says that solar panels should be imported at zero per cent tariff but at the ports the customs finds another clause to enable them collect as much as 10 per cent. This is for a product that is nearly out of the reach of the common man. Inverters are supposed to be imported at 4 per cent but generally they are cleared with anything between 10 per cent and 20 per cent.”

He decried a situation where up to five different exchange rates are operational in Nigeria today, thus impacting negatively on the cost of solar panel and its accessories.

The government does not offer foreign exchange concessions to renewable energy companies when, in truth, we should be on top of the list. “Often we have to buy foreign exchange at the black market and display our products in a market where everyone has liquidity problem”, he said.

In order to address the situation, Nweke said government must invest in solar energy and find ways of reducing cost of importation of its equipment.

LED lighting saves over 70 per cent more energy when compared with the existing energy saving bulbs. Banks, hospitals, restaurants, churches, offices and other large establishments can now be properly lit up using LED lighting technology.

Cloud energy solar fridges and freezers have become the cynosure of the Nigerian solar landscape. Running on 12V DC power, the solar deep freezers and fridges ensure that people can use the sun to power their household equipment while experiencing zero downtime in their operations, Nweke said.

Source: NigeriaToday

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