Epileptic Power Supply: 300 Market Women Shut Down EEDC Offices


No fewer than 300 market women and men mostly traders who deal in perishables at Ezeiweka Awada, Idemili North Local  Government Area, Anambra state, yesterday took to the major roads in Onitsha to protest  alleged epileptic power supply and exorbitant billing by Enugu Electricity Distribution company, EEDC.

The protesters who marched from Awada, through Nkpor Old Road to Ugwunwasike Ogidi substation of EEDC, singing anti EEDC songs alleged that  poor power supply is adversely affecting the sale of their wares.

Earlier, they had  marched to the EEDC substation at Nwaziki Avenue Awada where they littered the street leading to the substation with soured ice cream of assorted types, allegedly destroyed due to poor power supply by the company.

They also shut down the office, threw pebbles at staff who later took to their heels before they also littered the premises of the company with more soured ice cream and other perishables.

The protesters led by Mrs. Ndidiamaka  Agu displayed placards with various inscriptions as, “We are in black out, “Station Manager and his Assistant are killing us and   must leave,’    “High bill, yet no light’ and ‘estimated billing must stop”.

At the EEDC substation at Ugwunwasike, in Ogidi, they also littered the premises with their wares  and vowed not to leave the place until their demands were met.

When the protest became more intense and unbearable, the Network Manager, Operations, Mr. Christopher Ezioma, addressed them and pledged constant power supply but that pre-paid meter would  be installed for them first.

The mention of prepaid meter was sharply rejected with a thunderous no, no, to show their rejection. Rather,  they  demanded for  low billing since according to them, they deal in petty business.

However, Mr. Ezioma insisted on supplying them with prepaid meters but noted that “ we will give you constant light when we have it, we will also investigate the allegations you leveled against the station manager  and if found guilty, he is as good as gone.

“We want integrity in our service  to the people. But  remember, light is no more in the hand of the Federal Government, but individuals who now buy the light and sell to you as consumers. Some of you do not have meters, it is estimated billing which causes the problem”.we will give you pre-paid meter”.


Source: NigeriaToday

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