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Hydropower Project Set To Boost Angola’s Energy Sector

Hydropower Project Set To Boost Angola’s Energy Sector

The US-based clean energy company, Dominovas Energy Corporation has secured the rights to finance, build and operate the hydropower plant worth $90 million. According to a company statement, the project will produce over 150,000,000/kWh of electricity per year. In executing the project, the energy firm stated that it will be employing the “proprietary Ocean River


Guinea: MoU Signed For Electrification Rollout

In West Africa, the Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Bollore Group for a decentralised electrification programme in Guinea. Villages located in upper Guinea will soon receive power through a pilot project under the management of Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of Bollore Group, Logistics Update Africa reported


Kenya: Solar Tech Market Set To Rise

This is according to Shenzhen Power Solution Limited Vice-President Susan Lee, who spoke to Xinhua news at an energy and power expo, held in Nairobi. “Our main focus [is] in household solar solutions that are affordable but are of high quality. We are scouting for a Kenyan franchise to distribute our products that include solar


How Obsolete Transmission Facilities Worsens Power Supply

Power generation and distribution companies as well as operators in the oil and gas sector have stated that the current electricity transmission infrastructure is the major limiting factor to adequate power supply in Nigeria. The issue of weak transmission infrastructure has always been raised by the electricity generation and distribution firms, with the Nigerian National


Enugu Government is Our Biggest Debtor – EEDC

The last is yet to be heard on the row between the Enugu State House of Assembly and the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, EEDC. In a fresh startling revelation, the EEDC alleged that a serving commissioner in the State (name withheld) was involved in power theft. The company at a news conference addressed by its


Are Electricity Tariffs In Nigeria Really The Lowest In Africa?

When the Nigerian newspaper Vanguard ran a report in June 2014 headlined, “Power supply: Nigeria electricity tariff, lowest in Africa,” an Africa Check reader asked us to look into the claim. The snappy headline diverged slightly from the content of the story, which stated that, despite recent hikes, Nigeria still had “one of the lowest electricity tariffs in Africa”.


The Power Supply Conundrum

The Saudi Electricity Company recently announced that in anticipation of an increase in the number of pilgrims expected this year, it had upgraded the capacity of its plants at the holy sites, bringing them to 18,680MW. For many Nigerians, this must be depressing news. In our country, power generation peaked at an all-time high of

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