Siemens Advocates Need For Investment Towards a Digital Grid


The Managing Director /Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Limited Nigeria, Mrs. Onyeche Tifase, has stressed the need for investments in the power sector to achieve digitalisation of the nation’s electricity grid.

Tifase, who spoke in Lagos at the company’s Energy Management Solutions for Transmission and Distribution Customer Forum, noted that the power sector was fraught with challenges, especially in terms of transmission and distribution. She said, “Nigeria is at the phase where we are using a lot of mechanical solutions or basic automation solutions. When we are talking about smart grid, you really need to have a network that is fully enabled to send and receive information. Some of the solutions we are presenting are from our digital portfolio.”

According to her, the network in Nigeria has not been fully enabled to allow for digital communication. Tifase said, “Digitalisation is critical for any country but you have to progress towards it. There has to be a plan in place about how you are going to enable your network; there has to be investments made.” She also said that Siemens is poised to support the country in increasing the efficiency of the entire generation, transmission and distribution segments including metering and revenue collection by performing system studies and resolving issues where necessary.

Source: Energy Mix Report


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