Nigeria to Exploit Vast Solar Resources

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Nigeria is poised to capitalise on its tremendous solar energy potential by scaling up the deployment of off-grid generation and minigrid systems.

This will ultimately increase access to electricity to millions more.

The United States Trade and Development Agency has made that possible with a grant awarded to a Nigerian company, Community Social Enterprises Limited (CESEL), for a feasibility study supporting the roll-out of 25 solarphotovoltaic microgrids.

Together, the microgrids will produce more than 5 MW.

The feasibility study will focus on providing solar energy for rural and peri-urban communities that generally lack reliable access to electricity. CESEL selected US firm Renewvia Energy Corporation to conduct the feasibility study.

The project presents opportunities for US businesses to make sales in solar PV modules, batteries, electrical equipment, control systems and meters across Nigeria.


Source: EngineeringNews

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