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The Eko Distribution Company,A True Son of NEPA

The Eko Distribution Company,A True Son of NEPA

Nigerians say: “Like father, like son.” Igbos will say, whatever a snake births must be long. When NEPA was unbundled and privatized, the government promised an end to darkness. These new electricity companies haven’t just continued in NEPA’s dark ways. They have taken to the superciliousness and poor work ethics of public institutions that characterised


Why Nuclear Could Become the Next ‘Fossil’ Fuel

A gray dinosaur statue outside south Florida’s largest power plant is meant to symbolize two decommissioned fossil fuel reactors, but it also could be seen to represent a nuclear industry crumpling under mounting costs. Almost a decade ago, Turkey Point was aiming to become one of the country’s largest nuclear plants. Florida Power and Light

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NCF Seeks Clean Energy Awareness for Secondary School Students

To protect the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuel, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) has advocated the promotion of clean energy concept among secondary school students. The group also expressed the  need for unity among stakeholders in encouraging environmental conservation, investment in clean energy and the recognition of the role of children in promoting


Concerns Over Plan to Centralise Discos’ Accounts Heighten

Operators and stakeholders in Nigeria’s power sector are divided over plans by the Federal Government to escrow or centralise the revenue accounts of electricity distribution companies operating in Nigeria. Although the Federal Government had yet to officially announce that it would escrow the accounts of power distributors, senior officials in various agencies under the Federal

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How Over N400b Debts by DisCos Crippled GenCos

There are fresh insights as to why the operations of the different power generation companies (GenCos) across the country have been rendered prostrate. The Nation can authoritatively report that the over N400billion debts incurred by the various electricity distribution companies (DisCos) has almost crippled the activities of the GenCos. In a recent interview, Dr Joy

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Why Are We Still in Darkness?

Electricity is one of the essential services Nigerians expect their government to provide for their daily use. No wonder why the Federal Government has, since 1999, committed billions of naira to the improvement of generation and transmission of electricity to different parts of Nigeria. However, the performance of this essential service throughout the country is


Electricity: BEDC Allocation Grossly Inadequate

The Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), said the nine per cent of the total power generation allocated to the company for distribution to four states under its jurisdiction is grossly inadequate. The BEDC Chief State Head for Ondo and Ekiti states, Mrs Kunbi Labiyi stated this during a chat with journalists in Akure, the Ondo

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