NCF Seeks Clean Energy Awareness for Secondary School Students

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To protect the environment and reduce dependence on fossil fuel, the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) has advocated the promotion of clean energy concept among secondary school students.

The group also expressed the  need for unity among stakeholders in encouraging environmental conservation, investment in clean energy and the recognition of the role of children in promoting sustainability agenda.

NCF Director General, Adeniyi Karunwi made the submission at the 2017 Grand finale of energy week organised by the Foundation in partnership with Skangix Development Limited for 31 private and public schools within the Lagos State Education Board District III.

Speaking on theme: “Energy make it nature friendly” he  observed that fluctuating power supply has affected the nation’s productivity making it difficult to attract foreign investors while local investors are facing a lot of losses in revenues due to perennial Power challenges noting that Nigeria must take advantage of advancement in technology as the lasting solution.

“It is in realisation of the aforementioned that NCF and its partners advocate the possibility of a Nigeria where people live in harmony with nature by encouraging environmental conservation, investment in clean and renewable energy, subsidize dirty fossil of the past”, he stated.

The guest speaker and Managing Director of Domain Energy Limited, Mr.Fela Aromolaran backed the use of solar due to its benefits such as durability, clean and green, low cost of maintenance, safe, reliable and affordability among others.

Aromolaran  advised government to invest hugely in solar to relief government of its responsibility of providing the citizens power. He informed that energy agenda must be included in the nation’s political space as it is a condition for wealth for the country.

“There are no significant improvement in the adoption of the concept by African s including Nigeria while countries that use it experience incremental growth.Nigeria should be exporting solar energy with its abundant sun light.In 20years time, if Nigeria does not adopt solar on a large scale, we going to have ourselves to blame”, he warned.

On affordability of solar as an alternative source of power, he explained that by forging partnership with the public and private sector, communal partnership among communities, the prohibitive cost could be cut down via economics of scale and government making larger hectares of land available for the project. He stated further that the bigger the space and solar panels, the bigger the volume of energy that could be generated if the right attitude is deployed.

Managing Director of Skangix Development Limited who spoke on the performance of the students in the competition informed participant that the brilliant standard of performance put up by the pupils demonstrated the slow but steady growth and awareness of the society in the realisation of the importance of solar as a source of energy for Nigerians.

The Grandfinally of the competition also featured presentations of certificate to participants, the first, second, and the third runners up in the Junior and senior secondary school categories, as well as awards to partnered organisations.

Source: The Guardian

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